Sunday, January 31, 2010

WE ARE MOVING TO LIMA, OHIO.................

Hello everyone, As you can tell from the title, we are moving to a different city. This was a BIG New Year's resolution for us. While we love our hometown of Bucyrus, Ohio, there is no opportunities for growth within the city. We feel that our family will be able to accomplish our goals and plans if we moved to a bigger city. One of top reasons for choosing Lima is that Carl's degree program is offered there as well as Misty's. We will be transferring the kids schooling to Lima City Schools and their respective Head-Start program. We are confident in our choice to move and better our family. The job opportunities are far more available in Lima than in Bucyrus. We hope that everyone will support our decision to move! Our new address will follow in e-mails.

Directions From Bucyrus, Ohio to Lima, Ohio

Carl's Degree Program Information

Misty's Degree Program Information

Cherokee's new schools home page

Thank you for taking the time to read about our family.

God Bless,
Carl, Misty, Cherokee, Kassandra, Garry, Serenity, Dozer, and Crinkles Weisenauer

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

An Update on The Weisenauer Family!

Well, here is an update on all of us. We will just go one by one to make it a little easier!

Where to start, how about with Cherokee. Her last day will May 29 in Kindergarten, then she will have her 1st real summer vacation. (From school that is,) She is looking forward to moving to North Carolina on August 14, 2009! Although, that might be because Mom and Dad promised her a puppy and a kitty when we move. Mommy and Daddy are planning her a "End of School Bash" for her entire class. This idea came from Misty's mom throwing an "End of Summer Bash" for her, her brothers, and most of their friends when they were growing up. She is blossoming into a wonderful child, she is so very bright. She is reading tons of words, and hundreds of books. She loves to read and spell new words for anyone who will listen to her.

Now, lets move on to Kassandra, she is mommy's shadow. She loves to follow and be involved in EVERYTHING mommy does. She is becoming quite a talker. She can carry on conversations with her now. She loves The backyardagains! "Soccer Monster" is what her & Garry run around saying now! We are hoping to be able to enroll her in Preschool in North Carolina for next year. She is more than ready!

Now, on to Garry! What can we say about Garry, he is your typical 2 year old little boy. He is stubborn most of the time but there is the rare moment where he cooperates with mommy and daddy. He as very selective earring, this is most likely to occur when he is watching TV. He is super funny to watch play and he is talking so much better. We have Kassandra to thank for Garry talking. He saw his big sister talking and had to follow! We love it!

Oh my the baby is walking. Serenity will walk all over the house as long as her big siblings don't accidentally bump her. She is babbling all the time. Other than her walking Serenity is still the same lovable baby she as always been! Her name fits her perfect!

Carl & Misty have been very busy implementing their plan to move to North Carolina. They have been planning for this move for around 7 months now! They both are excited about the move and are very happy to be leaving Ohio. They both have also been studying very hard for college. Carl is studying Paralegal and Misty is studying Accounting at North Central State College. They go to classes in the evenings. Misty has recently been working for the United States Census Bureau as an Address Canvasser. After the Canvassing phase was complete Misty's supervisor recommend her for Quality Control. The QC phase is over with now but Misty is expecting a call for the next phase of the census!

Carl, Misty, Cherokee, Kassandra, Garry and Serenity wish all the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, nieces, daughters, and step mothers a:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Introducing the Weisenauer Family:

Well, Carl and Misty are moving to North Carolina. We have decided to start this blog to help keep everyone updated on us and on the children, okay so mostly on the children. We also started this blog to introduce ourselves to new people, who might want to know more about us

Carl and Misty have been married since September 29, 2007. We got married in Willard, Ohio, in a gazebo by the water. We had 50 of our closest family members there to share the joy. Our wedding colors were Peach and Chocolate, which matched the fall colors of the leaves in the trees great! We had forever flowers wrapped up the gazebo, with a long isle runner from the stairs. Misty emerged from the building, escorted by her brother Matthew. Cherokee, Carl and Misty's oldest daughter, was the flower girl, with Carl's sister Mindy and her husband Joe as the Maid-of-honor and Best-Man. Misty's uncle Dwayne officiated the ceremony where we wrote our own vows. We are complete soul mates, but our greatest joy in life is our children.

The Energetic Princess-- Cherokee June Marie was born on October 8, 2002. She was given her middle name in honor of Misty's mom and Misty's great aunt June and her second middle name from Misty, Carl's mom's adoptive middle name and Misty's great aunt Marie. She weighed 5 pounds 14 ounces and was 18 inches long at birth. She was beautiful and still is! She is a very bright child. She started walking when she was 10.5 months old and she started talking when she was 12 months old. She went through Ohio Heartland Head start for 3 years, after her 2ND year the teacher was very worried about her getting bored and started working on Kindergarten work with her. She started Kindergarten this year at Lincoln Elementary. Her teacher is very impressed with Cherokee and her abilities in school and with her friends. She is an honors program for Kindergartens, although they do not label them as advanced until 2ND grade. She is a wonderful girl, who attends Martin Lutheran Church every Sunday.

The Picky Princess-- Kassandra Alice Kay was born on February 1, 2006. She was given her middle name in honor of Misty's grandmother Sarah, and her second middle name in honor of Misty's aunt Missie. She weighed 5 pounds 14 ounces, {nope that is not a typo, they both weighed the same at birth} and she was 19 inches long at birth. She was beautiful and still is! She has always been a very picky child. She started walking at 16 months, although we tried for many months before that to get her to walk. She was having no part of it, she was waiting until she was ready and nobody could force her. She is still like that today She started talking at 2 1/2 years old, yep, that's right she only said 2 words before that, "daddy" and "baby". She as been in speech classes since she turned about 20 months old. One day I looked at her and asked her what she wanted for breakfast and she spoke a whole sentence that I will never forget "I want a pop tart, Mommy, Pop tart, mommy!" I loved it, I screamed very loud and scared the crap out of the poor child! She is recently potty trained and loving it! She is very close to her younger brother Garry. She can't be without for no more than 2 hours without asking for him until she sees him again. She can still be very picky but we have gotten her over some of it.

Heir to the Thrown--Garry Emeral Allen was born October 28, 2006. He was named after Carl's Father, Garry Allen Weisenauer, with his first middle name in honor of his daddy, Carl. He was born 7 weeks early. He weighed 4 pounds 8 ounces and was 18 inches long. He was a handsome baby and still is!! His entire birth and the 24 hours after his birth was the worst and best time in my life all at once. The hospital had a Life Flight to Columbus, Ohio on 10 minute stand by. But the Good Lord above answered lots of prayers and Garry got to stay in Maternity Ward at Galion Hospital. He spent 16 days in the hospital before he came home to 2 of the most nervous parents ever. We worried about everything. We only took him out of the house for the first 6 months in absolute no other choice cases. We worried about anyone with a cold coming in the house. He required medicine every 2 hours along a feeding every 1.5 hours. We went through the first 3 months of his life in the time schedule before we loosened up. We eventually weaned him off all of his medicine. He is now a very stubborn boy! He is mommy's monkey!!!

The Happiest Princess-- Serenity Jean Nicole was born on February 20, 2008. Her middle name is in honor of Carl's sister Mindy, & his mom's birth middle name and her second middle name in honor of Misty's brothers wife, Ashely. She was 6 pounds 6 ounces and 18 inches long. She was beautiful and still is. She was our biggest but skinniest baby. She felt so much lighter and daintier than the other 3. She is a go with the flow child, her first name suites her very well. She is currently taking about 15 to 20 steps in a row and saying about 3 or 4 words, one of which is not Mom, sadly! Although mom was her first word and she said it until she 7 months old then decided not to ever say mom again. She makes the craziest faces and noises we ever heard. She will mimic almost any noise or motion we do with her.

Well more will come later promise, but this is a good start for now!

The Decision to have a child is to accept that your heart will forever walk about outside your body. (K. Hardley)

A great Quote!